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Milford Historical Society Programs for 2015

Here are the Programs scheduled for the upcoming 2015 year: All Programs are on the third Thursday of the month.

Scheduled Programs for the remainder of 2015

March 19th ( Milford Library)  An Evening with Mark Twain - Our Thursday March 19th General Meeting will be held at the Milford Library at 6:30 p.m. Of course that means no Potluck Dinner that evening. Instead we will be listening to those famous stories told by the man himself Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens) in his own parlor.

April 16th Potluck   Mary Lou and Main Street - Our Thursday  April 16th General Meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the Milford Methodist Church on Atlantic St will be a Potluck. The Guest Speaker that night will be our own Mary Lou Gharrity. This is a Meeting you will want to attend for sure. Come listen to the stories of theMain Street Brat!

Pot Luck Assignments - A—F–  Salad or Side Dish   G—Q   Main Dish      R—Z— Desserts

May 21th Potluck   Rosy the Riveter

July 16th ( Kensington Park July Picnic)   Jared Clouse

Sept. 17th Potluck  Memories and Members (members share their Milford stories)

Oct. 15th Potluck    Eleanor Roosevelt

Nov. 19th Potluck  Thomas and Henry ???

If you have any suggestions for Speakers contact me at 248-310-4286 or email me at  - Sandi Muirhead

Shop at Kroger and help the Milford Historical Society

Sign up your Kroger Rewards card for the Kroger Community  Rewards program and the Milford Historical Society will receive quarterly  donations from the Kroger program, based upon how much you spend at Kroger on groceries, gas and at the Pharmacy.

Click here or on the Kroger graphic to go to the Kroger Community Rewards site and sign up.

Do you sell things on eBay or maybe you have some things that youi’d like to sell there. Go to our eBay page and find out how you can sell on eBay and benefit the Milford Historical Society at the same time. When you get there, click on the Sell Now button for instructions. Get rid of your unwanted items and benefit the Historical Society, too.

Upcoming Meetings and Events