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Milford Historical Society Programs for 2017

Upcoming general Membership Meetings

Our November Turkey Pot Luck Meeting was well attended again. Thank you all for bringing all the good eats and I'm sure everyone got stuffed. Joan Moore our Guest Speaker taught us how much work goes into making a basket. Her Power Point and basket examples passed around showed us how beautiful a basket can be. It's amazing what they made baskets out of also. Remember the tiny baskets passed on a plate? I would lose those babies in a heartbeat.

Jan 19, 2017 - Mary Lou and her Museum to be Continued

The first General Membership meeting of 2017 will take place on January 19th. It is a  Potluck Dinner and will again be at the Methodist Church , 1200 Atlantic St. in Milford at 6:30 p.m   Mary Lou and Joyce Clark will take us through the start , restoration and finished product of the MHS Museum. Pictures will be shown, stories will be told, questions will be asked all after we all had enough to eat.  Hopefully the weather is good and a good turn out.

March 16, 2017 - Mike Jewel (Bead Man) Again

Mile Jewel a Native Anishinaabe Indian  will return by popular demand on March 16th. It will be a Potluck, same place same time.. Many members were absent that night due to another event in Milford. Mike again will tell his  humorous tales of his life and bring back his stunning bead working and furs for everyone to admire.

Mike’s wife told me to stop him last time because he was talking to long. He wasn't really and I'm sure everyone is looking forward to hearing him again.

If you have any suggestions for Speakers contact me at 248-310-4286 or email me at  - Sandi Muirhead

Now the obituaries from 1929 through 1949 Milford Times have been indexed and made available online. The index is available at

Shop at Kroger and help the Milford Historical Society

Sign up your Kroger Rewards card for the Kroger Community  Rewards program and the Milford Historical Society will receive quarterly  donations from the Kroger program, based upon how much you spend at Kroger on groceries, gas and at the Pharmacy.

Click here or on the Kroger graphic to go to the Kroger Community Rewards site and sign up.

Do you sell things on eBay or maybe you have some things that youi’d like to sell there. Go to our eBay page and find out how you can sell on eBay and benefit the Milford Historical Society at the same time. When you get there, click on the Sell Now button for instructions. Get rid of your unwanted items and benefit the Historical Society, too.

Upcoming Meetings and Events

The Milford Historical Society Endowment Fund Charity Site -

We have established a fund-raising site at the web site in order to collect funds for our Milford Historical Society Endowment Fund. The Endowment Fund was established in 2015 as an investment vehicle to support our student docent scholarship program and eventually to help fund the operation of the Milford Historical Museum.

Initially 100% of the funds collected will be invested to help fund the 2 or 3 student docent scholarships that we award each year. If the fund investment returns exceed the amount needed to support the scholarships any excess will be added to the general fund to support the operation of the museum. The Museum is now 100% staffed by volunteers, so all moneys go towards operating expenses such as utilities and upkeep.

To contribute to the Endowment Fund, go to -

Please consult you tax preparer about the tax teeatment of a gift to the Fund.

Visit the new Save the Depot Web site where you can make your contribution to the efforts underway to move and preserve Milford’s first railroad depot. You don’t have to be a Historical Society member to help with this effort to preserve an important part of Milford’s early history.